Sunday, 31 October 2010

Scala just pushed Play in web development

Until recently, Scala only had Lift has a successful web framework. Meanwhile, the ruby gang has hundreds of them, more importantly ruby on rails, Sinatra and others. But things are changing fast in the scala world. While scalatra deals with Sinatra, there was nothing quite like ror. Enter Play Framework for Scala. Module history here

I must admit that this 11 pages guide to build from scratch an entire blog system, together with captcha, user administration console, open id authentication, using a clean RESTful interface, together with autogenerated unit, integration and selenium tests.... well, this is just absolutely fantastic. That's what i call a quality framework documentation! Scala just pushed Play > !

If you add free JRebel free licenses to Scala developers by ZeroTurnaround, Scala is automatically an ultra productive environment for web development!

Great effort! Can't wait for Play Framework 1.1!

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